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VidaCura Newsletter VidaCura Newsletter: Taking Care of Ourselves: Health and Wellness Information You Can Use
Health and Wellness Information You Can Use
Larry Berk
Co-Founder, VidaCura
Welcome to VidaCura! is an online store where you can learn about and buy home healthcare and wellness products. You will find a wide selection of products - everything from power scooters and wheelchairs to nutritional supplements. You can compare models and prices, make your purchases securely and have them conveniently delivered to you or your loved-one. All from!

We created the company because we think the business of healthcare, health insurance and wellness could be made simpler. Like you, the founders of VidaCura are frustrated with the American Healthcare System and, as is typical of the "Boomer Generation," We have each experienced illnesses and/or had to take care of an aging parent. We know the stress that illness can have on the quality of life, and we also know a broken health care system only adds insult to injury.

We hope to be the most valuable resource for your health and wellness needs - for the rest of your life. That is a tall order, but we think that if you give healthcare consumers more and better information, they will make intelligent choices for themselves and their loved ones. While we can't solve all the healthcare problems, we can make a difference.

We think this is the way it is supposed to work. As easy as online shopping can be. And we should know, the founders of VidaCura all come from the fields of online community, eCommerce, Health Care and the Health Insurance industry. The VidaCura team has the experience to know our generation's real-life problems and we have applied our professional experience to solving it. Naturally, we need your help to improve and address your health and wellness needs, which is why we welcome your feedback.

If you would like to see other products, or new features, or have comments to help us serve you better, please let us know!



Larry Berk,
Co-Founder of VidaCura

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Issue 1: September, 2008
Optimists Live Longer
Eating Smarter
Tips to Avoid Falls
Health Checklist for 50+
Compression Stockings
The Benefits of Grains
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